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Intensive Prep in a Box for Clinicians

Intensive Prep in a Box for Clinicians



  1. A comprehensive itinerary of the intensive with color-coded sections to help you stay focused on therapy without worrying about next steps.
  2. A 32-page Participant’s Manual ready to hand out to group members, to springboard discussions, warm-ups, and exercises.
  3. A comprehensive recovery plan to facilitate a successful path to lasting sobriety.
  4. Detailed experiential exercises to facilitate group cohesion and trauma work.
  5. Extensive video resources by leading experts based on themes of addiction, shame, trauma, and betrayal to mix and match depending on the makeup of your group.

That’s Not All…Coaching & Training (A $250-$500 value)

Within 1 month of your purchase, you’re eligible for…

 1 hour

of one-on-one coaching

for the individual OR couples edition


2 hours

of one-on-one coaching

for BOTH editions


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